PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

Izmir Institute of Technology

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PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

Izmir Institute of Technology

PhD in Computer Science and Engineering

The Department offers Yüksek Lisans of Science Program in Computer Engineering since 1992. It started recently a Doctoral Program in Computer Science and Engineering. The department has been growing with the foundation of new research labs and by opening up new research areas. Thus, it has the potential to take a leading role in research. It is open to scientific collaboration and planning to establish interdisciplinary graduate programs and research projects.


  • Information Security Policies, Information Security Testing, Dependability, Autonomous Computing.

  • Modeling & Simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems.

  • Real-Time Scheduling, Fault-Tolerance, Embedded Systems.

  • Data Integration, Distributed Query Optimization, Datawarehouse, Data Mining, Semantic Data Management.

  • Information Assurance, Security Problems of Next Generation Networks, Critical Infrastructures and Forensics. Elliptic Curve and Pairing Cryptography, High Performance Security Applications.

  • Computer Vision, Image Processing, Omnidirectional Robot Vision, 3D Reconstruction, Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction.

  • Experimental design, Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, Bayesian networks, forecasting, system modeling, computer ethics.

  • Data analysis, information/knowledge modeling, information warfare, intelligence analysis, and open source intelligence.

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Eyl. 2017
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Başlangıç tarihi Eyl. 2017
Türkiye İzmir
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